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Avongara Timar Zigs to SkyHi

Ch. SkyHi's Budget for Fashion


Thanks to Jean Martin for letting Ziggy move to Colorado as a baby. He handled the airplane ride (including delays in Chicago) like a pro. He is a tail wagging, fun loving guy and we are so happy to have him at SkyHi.

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          Date of Birth:
          22 April 2018

Health Testing
          OFA hips Excellent
          Fan clear/normal (direct test)
          PRA normal

Budge at 8 weeks old

                        Avongara Gangura
                Avongara Zandiko Brushy Run CDX CGC
                         Avongara Zamee
        Avongara Timar Zigs to SkyHi — "Ziggy"
                         Avongara Zibili
              Avongara Zhanna
                         Avongara Pleasant Surprise


Ch Skyhi's Budget for Fashion

Baby Ziggy like all good Basenji pups, loves Dexter, the Big White Dog!

Ch Skyhi's Budget for Fashion

Ziggy moving at 8 months old


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