SkyHi Basenjis
Thank you for your interest in our Basenjis! Most Basenji pups are born in the winter, so we are currently taking reservations for next Fall's babies. We also sometimes have a young adult available that has finished his or her show career, which might be a great fit for some families. If you are interested in one of our Basenjis, please fill out my application (it is pasted below). It helps me match the right Basenji with the right new family. It will give us some talking points about this wonderful - but quirky- breed. This also helps with the price question because that depends on whether you are looking for a pet, show or breeding prospect.

I also highly recommend you visit the Basenji University and check out all the great information in the Owners Guide at:
The rest of the Basenji University can be visited at

Please be aware that there are many websites advertising Basenji puppies that are less than reputable. A reputable breeder has been involved in Basenjis for many years (30 years for me), shows their dogs so that their breeding program is judged by an outside source for both temperament and conformation (nearly all my breeding dogs have their American Kennel Club championship), is active in their breed's parent club (I am on the breeders education committee for the Basenji Club of America and served on the board of directors for 5 years) and MOST IMPORTANTLY to any family interested in adding a Basenji as a new member, health tests their breeding dogs and the results are posted to the public database at for potential new owners to confirm (I test for Fanconi syndrome, eye problems in the breed - both CERF and PRA - and hip dysplasia, all results are available at

It is wonderful that you are interested in having a Basenji join yourfamily. In order to make an appropriate match between your family and one of our Basenjis, we ask that you fill out the following

This form will automatically be mailed to SkyHi Basenjis when you press the submit button.

Any questions? Email me at

What draws you to the Basenji breed?
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Do you own your home? If renting, please include your landlord’s nameand phone number. Have you checked to make sure that pets are allowed?
Do you have a fenced yard? This is not required, but lack of a fenced yard does add several walks per day to your routine so please be aware.
How many people and what other animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) live in your home? If you have other dogs, what breed? Are they male or female? Spayed or neutered?
Have you had other pets in the past? Where are they now?
Do you have a veterinarian to use as a reference? What is their name and number?
Do you have a family member or friend that can be used as a reference? What is their name and number?
Are the other members of your household enthusiastic about getting a Basenji?
If you have children, are the mature enough to handle dog ownership?
Basenjis are sighthounds (they hunt by sight and chase anything that moves-squirrels, rabbits, birds, and sometimes cats). This means that Basenjis can never be let off leash except in a securely fenced area. The number one leading cause of death in Basenjis is by being hit by a car. If you have children, or other members of your household, can you set up your home in some manner so that your dog does not get out of the house while people are going in and out?
How active are you on a daily basis? In other words, would a high energy basenji be a good fit (are you a runner/walker) or lower energy (do you like to relax by reading/home hobbies)?
Where will your basenji be confined while you are at work?
What do you do for a living? When do you leave and return from work?
If you are interested in a puppy, is your job flexible enough to allow you to come home at lunchtime for the first few months to let a puppy go potty?
If not, you may want to consider an older puppy or an adult. I often have retired champions or older puppies available that would love to have a family of their own. These dogs are housebroken, spayed or neutered, well-mannered and trust-worthy in the house. Please let me know if you would like to consider one of these older dogs.
What personality traits do you feel your ideal Basenji might have: Playful or quiet, intense or mellow, obedient or silly?
Are you interested in showing your Basenji? Obedience training? Lure coursing? Having a litter of puppies some day? Or simply want a pet?
How do you feel about spaying or neutering your Basenji?
What color basenji are you interested in?
What sex preference do you have? Any particular reason for your choice?
To ensure that you understand our expectations of an owner of one of our Basenjis, please read the following terms and conditions:
1). Your Basenji will have a microchip for permanent identification. This should be inserted in the dog when it gets its first rabies shot (at 4-5 months) or when it is spayed or neutered (at 7-9 months). I prefer you use Home Again microchips because they can be read by any brand of chip detector. If the dog does happen to get lost from you, this is the best chance of recovery since the shelters all search the pets for microchips now. The chip id number will allow the shelter to find out your name, address and phone number, your vets phone number and my phone number (or another "contact number").

2). You must not sell or give away this Basenji under any circumstances. If you find it necessary to part with this dog for any reason during its entire lifetime (and things do come up that are unforeseen), you must contact me and I will happily take possession of the dog. I am responsible for the health and happiness of every one of the dogs I breed, and I want to make sure each finds the home they deserve.